Architectural models play an important role for architectural education. ARCHI-DEPOT Museum organizes a series of seminars and workshops through model-making, not only for the students who study architecture, but also for children who are responsible for the future.

ARCHI-DEPOT Museum Campus Members

The ARCHI-DEPOT Museum Campus Members’ program is directed towards universities, vocational colleges, and other educational institutions. Students and faculty members from schools registered with the program will gain free admission to the ARCHI-DEPOT Museum.


The program offers special benefits to students and faculty members of schools registered with the membership program.
*This privilege may not be applicable to temporary feature exhibitions.

  • Free Admission to ARCHI-DEPOT Museum
    Presentation of a student ID card or faculty member card at the entrance will grant you free admission to the museum.
     ・Groups of 15 people or more are requested to notify the museum of their visit in advance.
     ・In cases where the museum is crowded, we may ask you to wait to enter the museum.
  • Receive Priority Updates on ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation Events and Lectures

Annual Membership Fee

Members are required to pay an annual membership fee determined by the number of students enrolled.

※Members who have registered mid-way through a fiscal year will be required to pay from the month of registration to the end of the year

Number of students:1,000 and below 100,000yen
Number of students:2,000 and below  200,000yen
Number of students:2,000 ~ 5,000(4,999) 300,000yen
Number of students:5,000 ~ 10,000(9,999) 500,000yen
Number of students:10,000 and more 700,000yen

※Excludes consumption tax

Membership Qualifications

Universities, colleges, vocational colleges, schools, corporations affiliated with schools, and individual school departments are eligible to register for the membership program.


ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation
2-6-10, Higashi-Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-002 JAPAN
Tel. 03-4405-6274