ICOFORT Conference in Hikone with ARCHI-DEPOT and Japan ICOMOS (October 2018)

Hikoe Castle 1
Hikone Arnour

ICOFORT Conference in Hikone with ARCHI-DEPOT, Japan ICOMOS and Hikone City
“Fortification and Defensive City” (October 2018)

In October 2018, ARCHI-DEPOT will organize an international conference and an exhibition “Fortification and Defensive City” in Hikone, a castle city situated on the shore of Biwa Lake in western Japan, together with ICOFORT, Japan ICOMOS and Hikone City.

ICOFORT (International Scientific Committee for Fortification and Military Heritage) is a scientific committee of ICOMOS, which is in charge of surveying and evaluating the military heritages in the world.
Japanese castles are representative of samurai period Japan and often referred as the most aesthetic architecture in 16th-17th centuries.
The conference will be held in the neighbourhood of Hikone Castle, one of 5 national treasure castles in Japan, between October 23 and 26, accompanied by post-conference tours to Himeji/Matsue and Kumamoto/Nagasaki.

An exhibition will take place in Hikone at the same time as this conference, gathering the models of castles and fortification of the world.

For the detail of the conference, please refer to: https://icoforthikone.wixsite.com/info

For the inquiry, please contact: hikone-icofort@archi-depot.or.jp