Round Table with Mr. Alexandre Labasse, director-general of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris

Pavillon de l’Arsenal

Alexandre Labasse02

27 November 2018, (Tue) 18:00-20:00

Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ) conference room 304
(25 seats, admission free)

Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ Architectural Museum Committee)、ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation、La Societé franco-japonaise des techniques industrielles

Opening Address :Toru Takeuchi(vice president by Architectural Institute of Japan、Director of AIJ Architectural Museum)
Lecture Alexandre Labasse (director-general of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal)
Lecture Shigeyasu Ikegami(assistant professor of Hokkaido University)
Conclusion:Riichi Miyake(visiting professor of Tokyo University of Science)
(All English)

Those who are interested in participating in this Round Table are requested to register in advance to the secretariat of AIJ Architectural Museum.
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