Green Initiative Week in Japan(1/28 – 5/6)


“Woodification” is now becoming one of the most important policy making issues shared among the countries in the North as it aims at the replacement of the iron-and-concrete urban environment, which are considered a typical 20th century tendency, by wood materials with much lower environmental load. However, this task has not yet been acknowledged among the citizens of the South-east Asian countries which are paradoxically rich in forestry resource and endowed with high potential of wood use. The ratio of deforestation in these countries is now becoming much worse.
From this perspective, the campaign for the Green Initiative Week has been launched in order to connect the South-east Asian countries and Japan so as to form a cross-border forum for woodification. Its basic point resides, on the basis of the re-evaluation of the wooden tradition shared by all the Asian countries, in the enhancement of the transfer of the innovative wood design and technology, including CLT (cross laminated timber) to the cultural and environmental context of the South-east Asian countries. The first Green Initiative Week was successfully carried out in Indonesia in October-November 2017 with the participation of the experts of five counties.
This year’s objective is to enlarge this network as well as to make an encounter of the Japanese know-hows and Asian wisdom and techniques in cooperation with the local governments of central Japan. The participants are expected to exchange discussions, after the site visits, on the subjects of the conservation and activation of forestry resource, the enhancement of urban ecological environment and the achievement of sustainable woodified environment in the fields of construction and energy consumption in parallel to the local policy framework of “from the upstream to the downstream”,

Organized by:ARCHI-DEPOT Corporation
Supportted by:The Japan Foundation Asia Center Grant Program for Promotion of Cultural Collaboration

■The Professional Visit
Monday 28 Jan – Friday 1 Feb
Oita, Okayama, Kyoto

■Project of Hamamatsu
Friday 1 Feb Site Visit “Forest and Architecture in Tenryu”
Saturday 2 Feb “Opening Symposium”
Sunday 3 Feb “Experts Meeting”
Monday 4 Feb Workshop “Inter-university workshop on the subject of the watershed of Hamamatsu”

Organized by:Executive Committee for Green Initiative Week 2018 in Japan-Hamamatsu


■Exhibition in Tennoz
スクリーンショット 2019-02-01 23.35.30
「Green, Green and Tropical – Woodified Architecture in Southeast Asia」
Wednesday 6 Feb – Monday 5 May
※ 4 March – 26 March is closed
Organized by:ARCHI-DEPOT Museum